Doing the Thing

Here it is. This image is the result of spite. You know what else was the result of spite?


As I mentioned, I’ve been put into a (relatively) focused space just out of the pure will to do things just because I want them conquered in front of people that pray I don’t. This journey came with a newly-acquired drill, hammer, tape measure, and an OBS tutorial for streaming on twitch.

It also came with me dusting off a facebook fan page for my gaming venture.

In the wake of that, I had a few conversations with a few special people, but my props this week go to Mark Davidson who is coaching me on the details of branding and online presence stuff. He says the most simple, brilliant things and it’s great. Not to mention his encouragement of just my writing in general.

Bless this man.

Now I have graphics testing and stuff to do along with books to read on logo design which has led me to take on an interesting challenge for reading. I’m going to re-institute that initiative I took last year for reading books and throw a twist into it.

Next thing to conquer are D&D modules. You better be sure to keep your edges on lock for this or I will snatch them all.


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