Tuning Out, Turning Off

I’ve been on vacation for four days (it’s April 24th) and have yet to spend an entire one where I haven’t checked on the team for fear the world may have stopped turning.

However, the hours between checks has gotten longer. I felt more disconnected today and that was good. I stepped into the Mediterranean and let it embrace me for a while. I’ve always felt connected to the water no matter what body it has and this was no different.

I’ve thought about what I’ve had time to think about and be on vacation. It’s weird how serious the transformation is:

  • I want to be outside. Around people. Lots of them.
  • I want to explore things and I linger at the end of every moment.
  • I have the energy and will to create things at the same time.
  • I drink more water and generally eat healthier.
  • I’m online in general a lot less even when I can be.

Today, I took a ton of pictures except inside of a small place of prayer because I wanted to spend time with God more than I wanted a picture of the moment.

I wonder what my fifth day will bring me, but I also wonder when I will stop looking back to the world I left behind while I’m gone.


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