Fired Up

This week, I got pulled into a meeting with my supervisor that started with a stack of sheets. I expected something to the tune of “this is what these sheets mean” and then the normal discussion, action plan, etc.

What I got was so much more than I bargained for.

Instead of giving me the conversation I expected, he told me that he saw greatness that he wanted to develop and give expression to, but he needed my help. Then he told me how.

He gave me facts and figures and his ultimate faith that I could accomplish the vision he had. I walked out of that room on a high.

  • I was heard.
  • I was trusted.
  • I was seen and recognized.

There’s so much to unpack about this story and I’ll do that over the next few weeks, but the takeaway here is this: if you give your most passionate employees the truth and a vision that they are included in, you get returns. In most cases, they are immediate.

If you haven’t talked to your passionate people in a while – those rebels and somewhat uncontrollable geniuses, get out on the floor and make that happen.

They are waiting for you to give them a reason to keep burning.


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