about LinkedIn… I was wrong about that… sort of…

In an earlier post I wrote, I was kind of mad at LinkedIn. I felt frustrated about the lack of interaction there.

Recently, that’s changed.

My boss asked me a couple of days ago to make my profile look pretty and then to join a few groups and monitor the dialog there. I saw some things that interested me and updated. Then some more things interested me, so I left comments. Then someone wrote back addressing something I specifically said and I replied and…

…wait a second. Did I just get engaged? Cue more replies and responses and searching and…


I think it’s partly because LinkedIn has some kind of meaning (we can go here to learn things about our market space and see what people are asking about) where before it was just a place for me to post a resumé and hopefully get a job.

Let me say on that note, LinkedIn would have to be worked like a antebellum period slave to get anything out of it, but that said, it’s not the horribly void thing I thought it was. I think it will grow on me over time, but I’ll not get too hyped up about it. It simply works as well as any other social media platform…

…except MySpace and MocoSpace. They suck.


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